Tuesday, January 6, 2009


With the exception of Big Daddy's pizza while we are visiting my parents in Fort Wayne, IN; or homemade pizza; since Lamb 1 was born we have had pizza when eating out less than once a year. We live 7 miles away from a town with a pizza place and in our opinion, it's not that good of pizza. We would rather wait and have great pizza even if it is only once a year when we go to IN.

Today we were running errands and Pizza Hut had a special so we went there for lunch. Buffet was $4.99 for adults, $2.99 for Lamb 1, and Lamb 2 was free. Lamb 1 wanted pasta and didn't even try pizza. Lamb 2 ate more off the salad bar (just toppings) than pizza. Lamb 3 slept the whole time and didn't even eat a cracker.

What surprised Ram (and me too) was we only had a few pieces of pizza before we were full. I even ate mostly thin crust. We just aren't used to eating "heavy" meals like that any more.

After lunch we went to get haircuts for Ram, Lamb 1 and 2. A Lutheran friend who homeschools cuts hair in her home. After haircuts the Lambs were able to play with their friends. And then we all had some delicious pumpkin bars. Even though their children are older than ours, the Lambs enjoy going there and their children enjoy playing with our Lambs.

When we got home Ram had to visit someone in the nursing home. He has taken a little vacation from visiting as it is hard to schedule visits when people have family visiting for the holidays. Tomorrow he is back on schedule with confirmation class, Bible class, and voter's meetings. It was nice to have this afternoon for the children to play together and the adults to talk. Later this week Ram will get back on his visiting schedule too.

Ram and the Lambs look great with their new haircuts. Lamb 1 looks really grown up. I'm not doing so well with him turning 5 in 2 months!

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