Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I usually don't write anything on Wordless Wednesday, but we are going to be gone tomorrow and I had lots of ideas for posts running through my head, so I had to post them now!

After reading this on Cheryl's blog, I was very depressed.

This afternoon I flipped through the TV stations and ended up on C-Span. I was encouraged that Mike Pence from IN and other congressmen were giving wonderful speeches in favor of pro-life. It was a great reminder to me that not every congressman has plans to kill the unborn. We need to keep all 3 branches of the government in our prayers, not just Obama.

I caught a small part of the story that Starbucks started a new program. If I understood it right, Obama inspired them to offer a free coffee to anyone that signs up to do 5 hours of community service. I may not have heard it right, but this seems ridiculous. Why couldn't you have this program while Bush was in office? Who is going to check if you really do the community service or if you just say you will? What is their definition of community service? I will help my neighbor without counting up hours. We were given gift cards for Christmas and we love Starbucks drinks, but when we go next time, we won't be signing up for this program.

Lamb 1 is going to get his hearing checked tomorrow. Hopefully his ear infection is cleared up and his hearing is back to normal. Then we are headed to Fargo for Ram to visit a member and the rest of us to get out and get over our cabin fever for a day! I already have my bags packed. (That is quite an accomplishment because it takes a lot to have the diaper bag packed for a whole day outing with extra just in case winter weather causes us to be more than one day!)

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