Thursday, January 8, 2009


The number of Ladies Aid meetings that Ram had to go to today. He'll be wanting a drink when he gets home tonight! The worst part was he had to skip the afternoon of the monthly pastor's meeting to get to the first Aid meeting today. He loves conversation with the pastors and being with men. Seriously, he likes being pastor and likes leading Bible Study with the Ladies Aids, but he doesn't like being with women that much of one day. He prefers one Ladies Aid meeting a week. This doesn't happen very often, but with New Year's Day one meeting was scheduled for today. It's not too bad to just happen once in awhile. People don't think of a tri-parish pastor having 3 Ladies Aid each month and 3 Voters meetings each quarter (which ends up being all in the same month). We'll be back on schedule in February, unless the weather forces a change in schedule. With the little Lambs, I only attend Ladies Aid a few times a year-basically when I am the hostess and for the Christmas party or if something special is going on. Ram does a good job letting me know what is going on.

Thank you God for blessing Ram with a tri-parish to be pastor of and 3 Ladies Aids that do a lot of church and mission work!

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