Saturday, May 1, 2010

Long day

I left the house at 6am and returned home about 10pm. Ram was so nice to watch the boys ALL day to allow me to go to hear this speaker at a seminar. It was wonderful! I agreed with 90% of what she said, only had problems with some of her theology. I am bursting with ideas and topics to "discuss" on my blog after attending this seminar. Be prepared for many blog posts in May about homeschooling classically! If you ever have a chance to go to one of her seminars, it is worth the $45 fee. I will say that I didn't actually learn very much at this seminar, but it was presented in a way to tie together many of my thoughts after teaching at a classical Lutheran school AND from Ram being homeschooled AND after almost 1 year of "formal" homeschooling of Lamb 1. It was nice to "confirm" that we are doing a lot of things right-homeschooling, no TV, reading lots of good classic books, etc. The topic today was "Begin with the End in Mind". I wish that I would have gone to her first seminar for young children first, but it was nice to see what direction we are headed for homeschooling high school instead of getting to high school age and regretting never thinking through some of the topics she discussed today. Ram was also so nice to listen to me talk and talk about my day when I got home.

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