Sunday, May 2, 2010

30th Week of School

We had school all 6 days this week. I think that is a record for us. We had Ram's birthday celebration on Tuesday and we had an all afternoon of haircuts and errands on Thursday afternoon. Ram was the teacher on Saturday while Ewe went to the seminar. Here's what we accomplished this week.
Math: We finished lesson 18 and began lesson 19. Ram used pennies for subtraction instead of the MUS blocks when he worked with Lamb 1 on Saturday. Lamb 1 was happy to keep the pennies they used!
Reading: We finished My Book House volume 3. We have now read volume 1 twice and volume 2 and 3 once. We are going to take a break from My Book House and read some Just So Stories and other classics this summer. We'll resume My Book House in the fall.
We didn't learn any new poems, but the Lambs recited The Little Turtle at the bank.
We read The Very Last First Time. I was talking to Looper Cathy about it at the seminar on Saturday. It is so exciting when your children have both read the same book and you can discuss it. I had no idea that they got mussels under the ice before I read this book. It was a very cool FIAR book. Lamb 1 asked to read it more than 5 days in a row-he's never asked to read a FIAR book more than 5 days before this. We also started reading The Glorious Flight. We have just been reading the FIAR books for 5 days, we haven't been doing activities with them.
Lamb 3 has been taking books one at a time, getting comfy with them, and then turning the pages and "reading" the book. Ram figures he's probably really telling the story, we just can't understand him! It is so cute!
Much of the seminar on Saturday was on classic literature and I gained a few ideas that I can use right now with the Lambs. She has another seminar in September that is for the younger students and I really hope that I'm able to go.
Science: We've been reading books about animal life cycles and parts of a plant.
Handwriting, Phonics, Religion, History: We're still taking a break from these. I have a few ideas after the seminar to start doing. I plan to get organized for these subjects this week and get back to at least some of this after our break.
Spanish: We had our last Spanish class last week. We learned the alphabet, colors, numbers, a few parts of the body, and a few names of animals. Unfortunately we missed the 3rd week so we were a little behind the class, especially on knowing the names of animals. Their ECFE teacher knew Spanish (from either high school or college?) and she made me feel really behind when she helped her daughter in the class. I suggested they have Spanish class at least twice a year instead of just in the spring. The babysitter offered to continue to work with them so they don't forget what they learned in Spanish this month. We will resume Latin this month now that Spanish class is done. I've missed Latin!
This week we should be able to get a lot done in school again. On Wednesday we will go to the school for Papa's last Released Time class. We'll have a difficult decision-should we make cupcakes or cookies for the kids? We have a few things on the calendar, but it's not nearly as busy of a week as the rest of May is!

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