Friday, May 14, 2010

Mama's break

In the past 24 hours I discovered Lamb 1 did these 3 things.
1. Got into the sprinkles and hid them in the living room and they got spilled all over. Goodbye Easter sprinkles. I find it hard to believe that Lamb 1 did this without any help from the other Lambs, but he claims he did. He had to vacuum the living room after this, although he likes to vacuum and I'm not sure it was the best punishment.
2. On Sunday he stole a silk flower out of the church cemetery and brought it home. He had to write an apology to the trustee and he'll have to deliver it on Sunday.
3. During rest time he cut threads out of my sofa. Threads all over the floor and sofa more ruined than just being old. I have no idea what kind of punishment to give for this!

Ram is generous enough to let me go to the Mommapooloza today. Unfortunately I have to come home even if it is late tonight because Ram has a meeting all day tomorrow. I am looking forward to the car ride ALONE both ways and to get an afternoon/evening away from the mischievous Lambs. I'll try to post photos from my fun evening soon.

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