Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Youth Fishing Day

Last Saturday, there was a youth fishing day at the wildlife refuge near our town. I wasn't brave enough to take the 3 Lambs by myself and Ram had a meeting all day. I was so thankful our babysitter was willing to come with us. It was stormy in the morning and I thought they might cancel it. It was very windy and around 60 degrees but at least it stopped raining.

Our babysitter was so good working with Lamb 1. We borrowed fishing poles for the day because we didn't own any. By the end of the morning, Lamb 1 was starting to catch on a little bit. Hopefully we can take him fishing a few more times this summer and let him practice some more. Lamb 1 was frustrated that you don't catch a fish every time you go fishing and that you can't catch a fish instantly. It was very good for him to learn this about fishing on Saturday.

Lamb 2 was really too young for fishing. He just didn't have the coordination or a big enough hand. He enjoyed watching everyone else along with Lamb 3. They had a good time just being outside.

They served a delicious lunch of fish, hot dogs, chips, and pop. Lamb 1 only ate fish, no hot dog. Lamb 2 had both. Lamb 3 ate a whole bag of Cheetos and a little fish. Lamb 1 and 2 were so happy to have their own can of orange pop.

We didn't even get close to catching a fish so we weren't in that contest, but they had drawings for those that preregistered. Lamb 2 got a tackle box and Lamb 1 got a nice box of fishing supplies. Our babysitter helped the Lambs organize Lamb 1's prize in the tackle box.
Lamb 1 and 2 were also each given a nice backpack full of fishing supplies and treats. If we get them some fishing poles and bait, they are completely set to go fishing between what was in the backpack and what they got for prizes.
I know they advertised the local company that paid for the pop and water for lunch, but I'm not sure who paid for the rest. I imagine it's a combination of our tax dollars and companies that sell fishing supplies and donations. It was so nice that they do this for our local youth. Everything was well planned from registering, getting backpacks, other things to do besides fishing (look under microscopes etc.), providing bait, serving lunch, and giving out prizes.
City Girl Disclaimer: I went fishing a few times when I was little, but my parents never took me fishing and I never went fishing in a boat. I knew how to put a worm on a hook and that was about the extent of my fishing knowledge. I felt like a terrible mom when we arrived there today. I had worked out the logistics of getting to the fishing, (not going to a bridal shower at church, getting Ram to his meeting on time, etc.) but until we arrived at the water today, I never thought about needing to help the Lambs fish! I should have made Lamb 3 wear a life jacket, but I was worried about him by the water and couldn't help much nor did I know how to help much. I was so thankful that our babysitter was with us and could help them. There were a few others there that helped us when our line got tangled on branches too and I was thankful for their help. I'm slowly learning to be a better "boy mom"!

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