Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Camcorded Memories

We had a friend tape our wedding and we borrowed a camcorder for Ram's ordination. After Lamb 1 was born we purchased our own camcorder. I had no desire to tape the birth of our Lambs, but I did want their baptisms and Christmas Eve programs recorded.

Recently I have been going through our tapes to decide what to put on DVD. It has been a little bittersweet-even just watching the baptisms of our Lambs showed how many of our church members are no longer visible at the communion rail with us. Many of the people that attended our wedding including all of our grandparents that attended and Ram's younger brother and other family and friends are in heaven too. We taped a little house tour when we first moved here before we had very much furniture, before any Lambs, and a lot less books. That was fun to watch 7 years later!

Even with a very ill child with MSPI, we taped Lamb 1 several times as a baby. Nothing fancy, just him eating in the high chair, playing with his toys, learning to crawl, and learning to walk. We NEVER taped Lamb 2 or 3 doing anything like this. Lamb 1 is only 6 and I had forgotten what he acted like as a baby. It was fun to watch that little bit that we taped. I regret not taping the other Lambs.

I wrote on my calendar that in June we are going to do a little videotaping of all 3 Lambs-sort of an end of the first homeschool year "recital". I plan to have them recite the poems they learned this year, sing a few songs, and perhaps tape a few every day activities like them playing with Lincoln Logs. Hopefully we can do this once or twice a year. I know that in 5 years or so it will be fun to go back and watch these routine activities. I think perhaps this is more important to me because we do homeschool and they don't have school programs.

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Glenda said...

it will also be fun for the lambs when they're a bit older to watch these dvds. My kids love to watch videos we taped when they were younger - on vacations or with cousins, or Christmas's or whatever. Last night we watched their piano recital and Ellie's flute recital.

I wouldn't trade them in, I'm glad I videotaped what I did, and need to remember to video some more of the fun things.