Monday, May 31, 2010

Small Lutheran World

Last night we attended the installation of Rev. Joel Koepp. One of our churches in the tri-parish had supported him while he was at the seminary (prayers and a little financial help too). His ordination was about an hour away from us, but it was at 1:30pm. We couldn't make that after Trinity Sunday (3 services all with communion and reciting the Athanasian creed), plus we were tired after our vacation. So we came home and took naps after lunch and attempted to make it to the 6:30 installation. We turned a little early and had to try again to get to this country church 1 1/2 hours away. We got there just as the bell was ringing so Ram didn't robe and participate in the service. I appreciated his help in the pew with the Lambs during their second long service of the day. Since Ram didn't participate, I didn't take any pictures.
Afterwards when we sat down to eat cake and punch, the man that sat next to me said his son was an LCMS pastor. Out of curiosity I asked a few more questions. I was surprised that his son was The Mama's husband! We had a nice chat about how we had just visited their family while we were at pastor's conference a few weeks ago. We also saw a few other pastors that we knew and chatted briefly with them.
The church was a large, beautiful LCMS country church. I enjoyed the evening-especially singing with a full congregation. Lamb 2 made a mess of his cake and they said they have several children at their church and they understand messes. It amazes me that we can drive 1 1/2 hours away and have friends there and "feel at home" at their church.
Rev. Koepp grew up a short distance away from the church the installation was at. (We drove through his home town to get to the church.) Their family is blessed to be placed at a church so close to his family.

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