Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekly School Report

We had a lot of field trips this week and we read a lot of books in between those field trips. But we didn't do a lot of math or Latin so I'm not going to count this as a school week. It's a good thing we do school year around when we have weeks like this. Then I think of some of the crazy weeks we had in the classroom and I don't feel so bad!
Last Sunday the Lambs sang I am Jesus Little Lamb at church. After all 3 services we went to a Mother's Day buffet at a restaurant on the lake over the border in SD. Afterwards we walked out to the lake and the Lambs played by the lake for a little while.
Monday and Tuesday we went along to Pastor's conference with Ram. The Lambs made new friends and I was able to talk a little school with the two other homeschool moms. It was good for the Lambs to have some socialization with other homeschooled kids. Lamb 1 asked if he could put his new friends in his address book.
Wednesday we went to a health fair. There was a huge "colon" tunnel to walk through. I thought it was a blood vessel to show cholesterol. I laughed when I found out it was a colon to show polyps! The Lambs walked through the whole fair and got lots of "treats" (pens, pencils, paper, dark chocolate, etc.).
Thursday another author came to this area. We listened to Douglas Wood play guitar, sing, and talk about his books. It got a little long for the Lambs, but it was a good experience for them. We only owned one of his books and I was very cautious because so many of his books are Native American folktales-or that kind of book (god is the tree, god is the water, etc.). He was short on time and the program was not as well run as when we went to see Nancy Carlson, so we didn't purchase any books. I'll try to post more about seeing both authors soon.
Friday the Lambs woke up with a cold so we went to the chiropractor and then I went to the Mommapoloza. Saturday we took it easy as they recovered from their colds. Ram had an all day meeting out of town for the Synodical convention. The Lambs were happy one of our friends came to babysit while I went to a baby shower. We stopped and bought some plants and flowers on the way home. I'm wondering if Lamb 1 has allergies after this latest round of colds in our house. His eyes were so red and he had the worst cold.
Today one of our churches had a ham dinner that is usually held in March but it was rescheduled because of mud. We had Sunday School, church and the ham dinner. This afternoon we went out and planted some flowers and our pepper plants. I can only take so long of watching 3 Lambs and trying to get something planted and trying to keep eager to plant Lamb 1 busy. We still have tomatoes and a few more things to plant. Hopefully the weather is nice so we can finish planting everything this week. I still haven't settled on where to plant everything so I need to think some more before we go outside again! Hopefully we can get a good week of school in this week too.

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