Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Ram and the Lambs have a few surprises for me today that I'm sure I'll have to post about soon.

Happy Mother's Day to:
- my mom
-Ram's mom
-Ram's grandma P.
-to my godmother, Aunt Lorene
-to Lamb 1's godmother, Ruth G.
-to Aunt Hannah, the godmother for all 3 Lambs
-to the grandmothers of our tri-parish who have adopted our Lambs as special grandchildren

In our prayers today:
-mothers with someone in the military that can't be home to celebrate today
-mothers who are waiting on adoption to be finalized for a child
-mothers who aborted a baby
-women that want to be mothers with fertility problems
-mothers who have a child or children in heaven now
-single mothers that are raising children alone
-all mothers to be guided in all they do to raise their children

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