Sunday, May 23, 2010

32nd Week of School

I posted here about school last week. This report is about the last two weeks. Last week we had school Monday-Friday. On Saturday we went fishing and I'll have a post about that soon. We also planted our small garden last week. Here's what we accomplished in school:

Math: We began MUS lesson 21 (more subtracting 9 from a number).
Reading: We read lots. I was interested in a couple of Virginia Lee Burton's books that I never heard of before so we got from the library and read Choo Choo and Calico, the Wonder Horse. The boys liked Choo Choo but Calico was too long and some of the humor was above them. We read Night of the Moonjellies, and Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening-just reading, no FIAR activities. We finished reading When we were Very Young by A.A. Milne and I plan to have them memorize a couple of poems from it soon. We read some more Just So Stories.
Handwriting: I got out some Kumon workbooks and have been working with Lamb 2 on tracing, drawing lines, dot to dot, etc., all pre-writing skills that are very difficult for him. He loves the Kumon workbooks! I have been working with Lamb 2 more than Lamb 1 on handwriting skills right now.
Phonics: Lamb 1 is doing well on the first set of Bob books. I try to have him read one book daily, but it really depends on his mood-one day he is anxious for his turn to read, the next day he doesn't want to read anything. Most days he reads one book sometime during the day, even if it is before bed instead of during school time.
Religion: We completed the 3rd set of Sunday School posters. Stories we did are Miraculous Catch of Fish, Jesus our Shepherd, Jesus Sends 72, Jesus Teaches us to Pray, Ascension, and Pentecost. I plan to review this set of stories one more time and we will go on to the next set. The Lambs are getting ready to sing God loves Me Dearly (Sunday School teacher choice) in church. They know this well so I have to practice my flute, but they don't need to practice singing! I tried to work on memorizing the commandments with them again using the Sing the Faith CD, and they just don't know them as well as I would like them to know them. We continue to work on this daily.
Latin: I am proud that we have reviewed and they know well Prima Latina lessons 1-10 vocabulary. They were so excited to get to learning numbers 1-10 in vocabulary. Lamb 1 tries to use Latin to answer what number prayer he would like us to say at meals, etc. Lamb 1 knows the vocabulary better than Lamb 2 now, which says something because when we started Latin it was the opposite. Lamb 2 is still doing well in Latin, just not as well as Lamb 1.
Music: We have learned about the composers- Vivaldi, Bach, Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven and listened to some of their music.
Science: We have read some science books and also worked on the garden. On fishing day we looked at some pond life under the microscope. Lamb 2 didn't understand what to do with a microscope, but the Wildlife refuge worker was very patient and a good teacher.
History: We haven't done much history recently. I'll have to get some history organized for this summer. I minored in history and I love it.
Art: Lamb 1 has begun a Kumon drawing book. He is really enjoying it and learning how to draw some basic objects and animals. I have noticed all 3 Lambs are becoming better at drawing recently, just from when we make homemade cards or thank you notes. It has really improved if I notice it, because when I see their work daily, I don't always notice it.

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