Friday, May 21, 2010


Recently I signed Lamb 1 and 2 up for swim lessons for 2 weeks and soccer for 1 week this summer. The Lambs have never done any sports or swim lessons so this might go well or they might not participate at all! Lamb 2 hates to run, but maybe if he has a purpose to the running like soccer, he will like it more. We aren't taking any vacations this summer so I thought it was a good year to get them involved in the community. I didn't want to commit to t-ball for several weeks so I thought this was a good amount of sports for our family this summer.

I had a difficult time filling out the form because it was all this sport is for children that have finished 2nd grade, this sport is for children that have finished 5th grade, etc. Lamb 1 wanted to know how old he had to be to do golf. I had to think to figure out how old he would be to complete each grade for each sport he was interested in. I think that is a difference between homeschoolers and other school children-homeschool parents know how old their children are and school parents know what grade their child has completed, and we each have to think for a minute for the opposite. I talked to a friend last night that her son is 6th grade age, but he has completed 7th grade work in all subjects and work above that in a few subjects. Add in a child like that and we parents have to think even more to answer these questions!


Anonymous said...

If it helps, I have a couch potato boy who can really run when it's soccer! :)
As for grades, I've always gone by age, promoting them after Labor Day. With boys, I find it's more a matter of maturity than academic ability as far as placement in Sunday school, sports, etc. Although maturity isn't perhaps the right word, as anyone who has been around homeschoolers knows. Still, while (for instance) my 13yo son could handle high school level work, he's not ready to be exposed to high school social behavior (although he is in the high school SS class now because he's one of only 2 youth who attend regularly, the other being a 17yo girl).

Glenda said...

And then there are homeschool parents like me who caved in and figured out what grade they're in and call it that. Our area (even the SS) is graded and everyone knows where everyone else is supposed to be. When in Rome......