Monday, May 17, 2010

Ewe's Reading

When I was in elementary school I read the Little House on the Prairie books several times. I can still picture the shelf in the public library with those books!
When I was in middle school I refused to read anything that I knew was a classic. I read several teenage romance junk books. I'm so mad I wasted my time on those books now.
I watched a lot of Little House on the Prairie on TV as a child and more after we moved here and had cable. I watched the Anne of Green Gables movies several times in college and after I got the DVDs.
I was required to read a few classics in high school and college. When I taught at a classical Lutheran school, I chose to read a few more classics.
Recently I reread the whole Little House series. It was surprising what jumped out at me reading it as an adult. I was more interested in what they ate and what they grew in their garden and what she taught in the classroom, etc.
I had never read any of the Anne of Green Gables books. I almost read them in college because my first college roommate was a huge Anne fan. Last night I stayed up too late and finished volume 3.
First I have to say that Ram was very romantic when we were dating. One of our first dates he showed up in a suit and top hat with flowers. His proposal was very romantic too.
I thought I knew what was going to happen in the Anne books after watching the movies. But the movies left out so much! I have to say that Gilbert is so romantic in the books! I went to bed last night so happy that the story was turning out the way that I wanted to (happily ever after). I know that I'm not even half way through the series and a lot can happen in the rest of the series. Today I began volume 4 and it begins like the movie with her teaching the Pringles.
I own some more Montgomery for when I finish the Anne series and then I'm going to read Austen.

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Dakotapam said...

I loved the Little House books growing up. WHen I read them as a grown up I began to feel sorry for Ma, as I'm not sure that Pa always had her or the children's best interest at heart when he made all of his decisions.

Anne of Green Gables books are great, aren't they?