Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mommapooloza 2010

I was only able to go to the Mommapooloza from about 4-10pm yesterday. I wish I could have stayed the whole weekend but it didn't work out that way. First the Lambs have colds so we decided to take them to the chiropractor yesterday morning. I got a later start than I wanted. The drive was slow with school buses, construction on some bridges, and farm equipment on the back roads where you can't pass. Without all that it took a little more than 1 1/2 hours. I was the one that asked people to come early and most were there when I got there. Kristi came the same time as I did, Glenda, Wendi, and Angie came after me.
I'm one of the strange ones that doesn't have a fancy phone (in fact I don't have any cell phone) nor do I have a laptop nor do I do Facebook, so I had to wait until I was home to post this!
I knew almost everyone from last year's Mommapooloza, but I had never met Wendi or Angie or Michelle. Wendi and Angie came from WY. They had a long drive but they made good time and were able to join us for supper.
Melanie made supper for the first night. We had potato leek soup, homemade bread, and wine. This is some of the wine that was brought. We tried several of these last night! Melanie made tiramisu too. She claimed it wasn't the best she had made, but it was delicious. There were jokes about the difference between college and a Mommapooloza is now we're legal and we have much better liquor for this slumber party!
It's difficult to get photos when everyone is talking. I think it is funny how many of these photos someone is talking with their hands! I took these photos so I wasn't in these.
Wendi, Kristi, Michelle, Charity, Glenda.

I forgot to take a photo of Melanie the host and cook!
This photo was taken last year of Chick 5 and Lamb 1. They were both still nursing so they both attended the Mommapooloza last year.

Chick 5 still needs a little Mama's milk so she attended this year. I had a difficult time getting her photo because she is so busy. She played with dolls for a long time.

Wendi, Gina, Angie

Glenda, Suzanne, Kristi

Melanie, Michelle, Charity, Glenda
I came home with some treats. Wendi gave us some beans (with the motive that we will buy some from her after we try them!). Kristi sold me some meat. I got home a little after midnight.

A few will need to leave today and a few may pop in today, but there were 10 of us last night. Ram has a meeting all day today that he couldn't miss so I had to come home. I was glad I went last night even though my time was short.
Today's plans (that I have to miss) include staying in their pjs most of the day and cooking a meal for tonight from from Julia Child including boeuf bourguignon and TWO desserts-creme brulee and chocolate almond cake. I know they are having a great time!


Cheryl said...

Thanks for the pictures! I'm so glad you all had this time together!

Jenn said...

Love your pics Rachel. :) :) Wish I could have been there, glad you all had fun!