Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A little socialization for our Lambs

(This photo was taken with our old camera so it's not the best, but you get the idea.)
L-R Sweet Pea (6), Christopher (6), Lamb 2 (3 1/2), Emma (4), Little Bird (3), Ewe, Lamb 3 (2), The Mama, Baby Moose (2 months) with Lamb 1 (6) not in the blank spot in line, having a tantrum on the floor in front of us instead because he didn't want to have his photo taken.

Our 3 homeschool families got together at the MN N Pastor Conference this week. We only went for Monday and Tuesday but we had a great time in that short time. The others stayed for Wednesday too.

Jenny (not pictured from Loopers) has Christopher and Emma. Her husband is one of Lamb 3's godparents.

The Mama has Sweet Pea, Little Bird, and Baby Moose. Little Bird is so cuddly and likes to snuggle on anyone's lap to listen to stories. I loved holding a GIRL with big brown eyes. Baby Moose is big for a 2 month old and content to nurse often and be held by anyone when he's not nursing. I never held Baby Moose but he is adorable.

The Mama is part of 2 blogs that I read regularly and it took me awhile to figure out that she was in my part of the U.S. We had never met before this week.

The Lambs and Ewe had a great time with our new and old friends. My friend Leah from college was also there. She was a great help with all our little ones. Ram and the other dads/husbands also had a good time chatting. I say this even though we were all interrupted several times during conversations to take care of our little ones.

You can tell from Lamb 1 in this photo, that the Lambs loved their friends, but were grouchy and in need of a nap on the second day. I can't imagine if Lamb 1 was in school that we would have this problem more often because every school day he wouldn't be able to sleep in as long as he needs.

I will post a little more about seeing our friends later this week.


Melrose said...

Hi The Mama, Sweet Pea, Little Bird, and Baby Moose!!! :) What a small Lutheran world we live in :D

Ewe said...

Hi Melrose,
One of my first questions for The Mama was what your real name was! I forgot to ask her where you lived! :)