Sunday, August 1, 2010

2 Disappointed Lambs

The Lambs were scheduled to learn to play soccer this week. It was my kind of sport for the Lambs-they were the correct age (4-6) and it was only a 1 week commitment. I could take both Lambs at once and it wouldn't be that difficult to take Lamb 3 along if Ram couldn't babysit. After 2 weeks of swim lessons, I didn't want to commit to something all summer like t-ball. The Lambs were excited, although Lamb 1 was a little hesitant to learn something new.
We received a letter last week that soccer was canceled because they couldn't find anyone to coach it. I'm surprised there wasn't a college student that wanted to earn a little extra money for a week of work in the evening.
We had wanted to go to Fort Wayne to the family retreat, but I had already signed the boys up for soccer and I didn't want them to miss it. It is too late to go to that this year for us-too many details would need to be taken care of before a vacation. So I'm disappointed too. Hopefully they will find someone to coach next year. Plus we had an extremely busy week scheduled, and it will be nice to have time to work on the peaches I bought on sale and do some other tasks at home.

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Cheryl said...

Well, darn. And to think that if you had known sooner you might have been able to go to Fort Wayne where I would have been able to meet you!