Thursday, August 19, 2010

Busy and still here

I have a lot of blog posts and photos of our family in August to post here, but we've been extremely busy. If anyone is still reading my blog, please be patient. I'll try to start posting regularly again soon.
I'm dealing with lots of tomatoes from our garden and some sweet corn that was given to us. We've had lots of yummy meals from our garden including homemade tomato soup. The Lambs (especially Lamb 3) love homemade tomato juice.
I'm also trying to plan our fall vacation. I have a lot of people to contact and plans to make in order to use our vacation time wisely to see a lot of people in a little time.
We've taken a few short one day trips recently that I want to post about. I've talked to some friends on the phone and seen a few friends from college recently too. I don't have enough time to talk to adults besides Ram very often (more than "hi" and small talk) so I appreciate that these conversations get my brain thinking about some new ideas. I hope to post some of these ideas from these conversations.
Last Thursday we drove to Ladies Aid in hail and a bad storm. When we arrived the tornado siren was going off. I heard later that there were tornadoes very near us. Thankfully as far as I heard no one was hurt or any serious damage in our area.
We've had very mild August weather. After a big electric bill in July, I'm thankful for this. The Lambs want to go swimming and I don't know when we will fit that in before school starts that it will be warm enough and not raining.
Someone commented and asked about my teaching history and science to the Lambs. I hope to have more posts about homeschooling soon.
I know I still haven't finished posting photos from our trip to CA in May.
Please continue to keep Ram in your prayers. We still do not have any results from his medical tests. He will have more tests later this month. If the doctor is correct with what he thinks is wrong with Ram, Ram will take medication for the rest of his life. I have more appreciation for people with medical problems with this experience. I know this is very minor compared to other health problems, but it is emotionally and physically exhausting for everyone in the family, especially the family member with the health problem, to wait for phone calls from doctors, follow the directions for the tests, get the tests, wait for results, and answer all the questions from everyone about the health problem. It is unexpected to have health problems at age 35. We never expected this when he had his regular physical in June.


Dakotapam said...

I'll keep Ram in my prayers. I know how scary health problems can be!

By the way, thanks so much for the sweet gift for the girls! It will be perfect for their birthday!

Sorry we did not end up meeting up. By the end of vacation I was BEAT! We'll have to try and get together soon though:)

Sue said...

Waiting is the WORST! Been there, done that, survived it! Prayers going up...