Monday, August 30, 2010


Ram had some more medical tests last Friday. He had to eat a low fiber diet for two days and a liquid diet the day before his test. We thought that after his test he would be able to eat everything again, but he had to continue the low fiber diet for 1-2 days after his tests.
I didn't realize how much fiber we normally eat until this last week. We bought some plain white bread (yuk!) because we always eat homemade whole wheat. I decided to make French toast with the last 1/2 of loaf while he had his tests. Then he got home and had no bread to eat for the next day.
This was probably the worst time of year for him to have to eat a low fiber diet. We had been given some sweet corn, still had a few blueberries left in the fridge, and have yellow squash and tomatoes growing like crazy in our garden and picked daily. I had also bought a watermelon. I felt bad because the boys and I did eat some of the full of fiber foods in front of Ram because I didn't want to waste them. The Lambs kept asking questions and couldn't understand Ram's diet.
He decided to make homemade macaroni and cheese and we had a very small box of plain white pasta but all the other pasta was whole wheat pasta. He ended up making two batches-one for him and one for us. We cooked a small smoked turkey that was given to us, but he really wanted a big turkey sandwich with homemade bread and tomatoes-not allowed. I thought about making smoothies or milkshakes, but he likes his with lots of fruit-not allowed.
He survived and is back to a regular full of fiber diet again. This experience makes me so thankful for the wide variety of fruits and veggies that God created. Ram told me to get ready to have these same tests done in about 15 years. I'm already dreading that. It motivates me to eat lots of fiber so they don't find anything wrong during these tests!

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