Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Last Wednesday

We had a busy but fun day last Wednesday. First it was the last program for the summer reading program. The Lambs got ice cream bars (I think that was a first for Lamb 3), watched a movie, listened to a story, did a craft and got prizes. Lamb 2 won tickets to the rides at Storybook Land so we'll have to find time to go before the season ends at Labor Day. Lamb 1 won a book. Lamb 2 won a small stuffed raccoon. They got points for time reading and they used their points to "buy" a little. They combined their points to get a play doh set and also got some small fish that will be great in the bathtub. Lamb 2 used a lot of points to get small animals-he got reptiles and ocean animals. Lamb 1 got a hermit crab that grew in the water. Lamb 3 can't wait to be old enough to get prizes. I'm thankful the library has this program in the summer and for the "treats". It makes the summer interesting to have something to go to once a week.

In the evening, we went to a picnic sponsored by the LLL (Lutheran men's group). It was held at a park about 45 minutes away. They provided hot dogs and lemonade and we all brought a dish. There was a lot of food!
The LLL had this picnic 2 years ago and we went. We didn't know that this park had a sprinkler pad. Lamb 3 was a baby so I left him in his stroller. I let Lamb 1 go in just his shorts and Lamb 2 in just his diaper. We hadn't brought any towels or swim trunks. Lamb 2 loved it. Lamb 1 was too scared to go in the sprinkler at all.
What a difference 2 years makes! This time we were prepared and brought swim trunks and towels. The Lambs couldn't wait until we were done eating so they could go to the sprinkler pad. The ladies at the picnic couldn't believe I was going to let them go when it was only 75 degrees.

They started to get cold when the LLL meeting was ending so we finished the same time as Ram. They had a great time and wished we lived closer to the sprinkler park. The Lambs were the only ones at the sprinkler pad.

I had forgotten a diaper pin for Lamb 3's swim trunks which are too big for him. So I told him he could wear just his shorts. I showed him that he had clean clothes to change into after he got wet. He didn't want to go in the sprinkler at all! I'm not sure if he was just like Lamb 1 was 2 years ago or if he was bothered by no swim trunks. I thought he was going to spend the whole time on this bench this far away from the sprinkler.

Then he decided he could walk/run around the outside of the sprinkler pad. He never went near the water, but he loved to walk around the circle. He stopped each time he went by me and got a kiss. He was disappointed when the Lambs were done in the sprinkler pad and he had to stop his walking around the circle. And we wonder why we can see his ribs? It was a fun evening for the whole family. I remember the night we were here 2 years ago like it was yesterday. Evenings like this make memories for everyone in the family.

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