Friday, August 27, 2010

On the Banks of Plum Creek Part 3

I went on a bus trip to Walnut Grove, MN by myself on Monday. I had asked some friends, even asked a friend if her little girl could go with me, but no one was able to go that day. I knew our Lambs would have not enjoyed the day for several reasons. It was hot, a long bus ride for them, and it wouldn't have been interesting to them because we haven't read the Little House books yet. When I first had 3 boys I planned to only read one or two Little House volumes to our boys. Other Loopers have told me that their boys enjoyed all the Little House books and I should read them all to my boys. I may end up reading some and leaving some out for them to read if they want to. I can still remember where on the shelf at our small public library the Little House books were at. I reread the Little House series this spring. I was glad I did this so the info was fresh in my mind for Monday.
I really enjoyed the day away and I'm so thankful that Ram babysat for me. I read most of The Story Girl by Montgomery on the bus on the way there. I ended up having one of only two empty seats by me on the bus. I had room to spread out. It was so nice to not have anyone to "help" on the bus, at lunch, and actually have time to read the information at the museum. I ended up going my own pace and being towards the end of the group. At lunch time we had time to shop at the local stores and I spent a long time in a scrapbook store. Lunch contained a candy stick that Lamb 1 wouldn't have been able to have because of his caps on his teeth. On the way home I took a nap most of the way. When we got back I stopped at DQ for a treat for myself. It was a wonderful day away.

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