Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby Gear

*No, I'm NOT pregnant with a title like that for this post.

Earlier this summer I cleaned out and decided to sell/give away some baby items. I advertised them on the radio and we had a garage sale.

Stroller-we used this stroller a lot for Lamb 1, but with each baby we used it less and less. We actually had 3 strollers. We still use the umbrella stroller some times for Lamb 3. We decided to sell this one and keep the other two. We gave it to someone that needed it and they may eventually pay us, but if they don't that's ok because they needed it.

Double stroller-we bought this used for $10 when I was pregnant with Lamb 2. I was told it would be a necessity when I had a toddler and a newborn. We never used it-not even once. Lamb 1 wanted to walk when we went places and if he got tired then we put Lamb 1 in the stroller and carried Lamb 2 in the sling. Same thing happened when we had 3 Lambs. I was glad I only paid $10. It was just too bulky to take with us on trips. After we tried to sell it at the garage sale, I told a lady that works with Birthright that I had it available. We were happy to give it to someone that needed it.*

Outside swing-we didn't really have any good trees to mount this in so when Lamb 1 was little we put it on the clothesline post . With each baby I was less likely to put it there as I was afraid an older Lamb would break it. We actually sold this one item at our garage sale.

Baby swing-I was told that a baby swing was a necessity for a fussy baby. None of our Lambs liked it. They just wanted to be held or hang out in the bouncy chair or lay on a blanket on the floor. They didn't like to swing. I would like to sell ours to make space in our basement again. It is too big to transport very far to give away/sell at a consignment shop. I'm not sure what we are going to do with it. I told the Birthright lady that we also had that available and she hasn't found anyone that needs it yet.

Mobile-When Lamb 1 was hospitalized with MSPI, he was the right age that he loved the hospital mobile. I put it on my wish list when I was pregnant with Lamb 2. The one we got went on the crib and our babies hardly ever slept in the crib at the right age for the mobile. I was too sleep deprived to try to figure out another way to mount the mobile. No one wanted the mobile so we'll donate it some place soon.

High chair-I didn't have time to clean this yet, but I plan to donate it to one of our churches. When there are dinners at church, they could always use another high chair. I hated our high chair because it was so difficult to clean and so bulky. If we have another child then I will buy a high chair that is more like a booster seat-that attaches to a regular chair. I never fed my Lambs solids early enough to use the feature where you lean them back in the high chair. I wish I would have asked friends for advice before I bought this high chair. I had no idea before I fed Lamb 1 in it that a high chair could be so complicated.

It makes me upset that money was spent on all these items that I was told were necessities and we really didn't need any of them. Now I'm spending time dealing with getting rid of them. Thankfully someone told me not to buy a special diaper pail so I didn't waste my money on that. A regular trash can is fine. Thankfully I didn't waste my money on a changing table. We usually changed them on a towel on the floor.

I'm sure people saw our garage sale and thought we are done having children. If they could only see how much I kept-cradle, crib, co-sleeper, pack-n-play, 2 strollers, 2 slings, car seat cover, infant car seat, bouncy seat (a necessity to me), baby bathtub, many (but not all) baby clothes and baby toys, etc. We really don't know what God has planned for our family. I don't want to regret giving away some things. Yes, I know the wive's tale that if you give away baby clothes then you get pregnant. Yes, I know that every one else is trying to get rid of their baby gear too so it wouldn't be too hard to replace some items. But we'll hang on to some things for a little while until we see what God's plans are. In the mean time we're enjoying a little more space by getting rid of these items that we didn't need. I still have a lot in the Lambs room and in the basement to go through, but this was a good start.

*Note that Birthright can not give away baby furniture for legal reasons, only donated baby clothes. But the lady from Birthright helped me connect with someone that could use our double stroller. I donated the double stroller to this person, not to Birthright.

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Dakotapam said...

We got rid of ALL of our baby stuff before I got pregnant with the twins. I did not have so much as a onsie in my house!

It is funny how all babies are different. I, for one, cannot live without my changing table. I spent two weeks changing babies on a bed or floor on vacation and it nearly killed my back! Plus with cloth diapers, it is nice to have all of the shelves for supplies etc.

These are the only babies that had a swing, but at seven months I still use it to get Ellie to sleep at night. I got the Eddie Bauer wooden high chairs that will eventually be the right height for boosters for our counter height table. I had friends recommend the booster type chairs...but then we would have had to buy two new kitchen chairs too!

We still only have one crib. If the girls need to be split up any time soon I'll just add a pack and play to the mix I think. We have tons of clothes but I think that is a combination of a girl thing and a twin thing...if I'm at Once Upon Child and find matching outfits, I can't resist! And at $3 a dress, I don't feel too badly.

We had two bouncy seats, and those were life savers. We have two double strollers. A jogger that is my only way to work out, and a Graco that is nice because car seats snap into it.

I KNOW that I use way more gear with the twins than I ever did with the boys, but that is one baby is usually waiting for something!

I have a friend due in November with twin girls though, so I know where a lot of this stuff can go when I am done, and the rest I'm saving fro grandkids (my oldest is 14...not so far off!)