Friday, August 6, 2010

The Lambs stunt

Last Saturday one Lamb locked the basement bathroom and closed the door. After they went to bed Ram had quite a time removing the doorknob and unlocking the door. Finally I stuck a screwdriver in and pushed hard and the door opened. We decided to leave the door knob off.

Sunday morning we went to early service and then we worked on cleaning out the basement some more. After a few hours I went upstairs to make lunch and the Lambs stayed downstairs and played. Lamb 2 came upstairs a little later and said Lamb 3 was locked in the bathroom. We had made the mistake to leave part of the doorknob in the door, including the lock.

I tried the same trick as the day before with no luck. Finally the Lambs went over to a neighbor's house and asked for help. I called Ram but he was still at third service. The neighbor came over and got Lamb 3 out. The neighbor expected Lamb 3 to be crying and upset. Lamb 3 sat back from the door like I asked him to. When the neighbor got him out, he just walked out and continued to play. The neighbor took the rest of the lock out of the door so it wouldn't happen again. I called Ram and told him we got Lamb 3 out and not to worry.

Ram got home and had no idea what we were talking about-he never listened to any of the phone messages! I'm thankful for nice neighbors!

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