Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Minister's Wife

Recently I went to a few events in the communities by our three churches. Every time I ran into people that said something like, "I know you, you're that minister's wife, right?"

It took five years for some members to stop calling me the last pastor's wife's name, Janet. The last pastor's last name and our last name begin with the same first letter, but Ewe isn't even close to Janet. I can see how members would get our last names mixed up, but not our first names.

Doctors are the only profession that I can think of that might have the same thing happen as pastor's wives-there's Dr. ________'s spouse-at least I can see that happening in a small town.

I noticed in the minutes of the voter's meetings from years ago that all women were referred to as Mrs. ______, not by their first name. Some of our older members refer to the ladies as Mrs. ______, not their first name.

It would be nice to be called by my first name after living here 7 years, but it's also nice that Ram is respected and known in the community as a pastor. Perhaps they will also seek him out for spiritual care.

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