Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fair Day

First, I'm trying the new format of Blogger, so please be patient if there are problems with this post.

Yesterday we spent almost the whole day at fairs. In the morning Ram sat at our Early Childhood Initiative booth for 2 hours at one local town festival. I took the Lambs to the events for children while he sat at the booth. First there was a parade where children were invited to wear costumes. Lamb 1 was Thomas the train. He wanted to be Eeyore but the costume was too little for him. Lamb 2 was Eeyore. Lamb 3 was a police man. Lamb 2 got second place. I think it was a sympathy vote because he was so hot. He won $10. We are going to have him split the money with Lamb 1 because Lamb 1 really wanted to be Eeyore. Next, they had a music entertainer and Lamb 2 was the best at singing along, volunteering to play instruments up front, and especially doing the actions with the musician. Lamb 1 was too shy and it was a little above Lamb 3. We walked around a little looking at everything and then let them play at the new playground a little bit. I was so glad to see a booth for Orphan Grain Train giving free lemonade and cookies. Ram was finished with his shift so we gladly got out of the heat and went home for lunch.
After a short break at home then we went to the next county over from us to their fair. Ram had to sit for 2 hours at the LLL booth. We missed the deadline to give our coloring pictures to earn a free ride at the fair. So I paid to let each Lamb ride one ride. We walked around getting lots of free items and looking at different exhibits.
The fair has a nice building for the children to see several animals and pet puppies and chicks etc. As we started towards the building Lamb 1 noticed there was a dog by the entrance. Lamb 1 ran off so I talked to a boy there and asked him to hold the dog while we went in the building. Lamb 1 wasn't about to go in that building when there was a dog there. So I took Lamb 2 and 3 in and left Lamb 1 right outside the building.. We weren't in there very long. Lamb 1 was crying and someone thought he was lost-they didn't understand that he was afraid of the dog. When we came out of the building to meet Lamb 1, the lady didn't believe me at first that he was my child. We finally calmed Lamb 1 down and went to take a break in the cooler building where Ram sat at a booth. We really didn't do very much at the fair today in 90 degrees plus humidity. We ate at one of the Lutheran church booths and headed home.
We let the Lambs play in the sprinkler when we got home. They were a muddy mess so baths were first when they came inside. I made non-alcoholic watermelon drinks and it was bedtime for the Lambs. Lamb 2 and Ewe both got a little too much sun yesterday and everyone has lots of mosquito bites (from summer, not just yesterday). Yesterday was a fun day and we look forward to a local parade today.

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