Sunday, February 14, 2010

19th Week of school report

Considering the circumstances of last week, we did pretty well on school. Our babysitter came on Tuesday and we also had ECFE so we didn't have school. We didn't have school on Wednesday because I went to the midwife. Thursday and Friday we had school but it was such a struggle to get Lamb 1 to cooperate, especially for math, that we took Saturday off. We'll try school this week while Papa is gone, but again I'm not expecting to accomplish a lot while Ram is gone. The Lambs are definitely into routine and Saturday was a struggle for behavior all day. I'm thinking that we should do school this week even if it is a struggle because not doing school is worse! I'm so thankful that we homeschool and I don't have to take Lamb 1 down to the cold bus stop this week while Ram is gone! Here's what we worked on this week:
Math: Continued working on lesson 12.
Reading: Finished volume 1 and 2 of My Book House. Began volume 3 this week. Volume 3 has longer stories like Goldilocks and the Three Bears that Lamb 1 is looking forward to. Read Who Owns the Sun? Had a nice discussion about slavery after reading this book. It is on the FIAR list and I should have read the book before reading it to the Lambs! Very well written book. We didn't do any FIAR activities with it, just read it. Still memorizing Bed in Summer by R. L. Stevenson.
Phonics: Lamb 1 continues to do well in Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading.
Religion: Didn't start anything new this week.
Latin: Continue to review in Prima Latina.
Music: Continue to learn the names of musical instruments. Listened to some John Philip Sousa march music.
We didn't get to much science or history to talk about here.
Art: Made Valentine cut out cookies and decorated them, and made homemade Valentines and mailed to relatives. ECFE theme was Valentine's Day and did some art projects for that. Even Lamb 3 tried to do the art at ECFE this week.
Handwriting: Lamb 2 continues on his worksheets from and he does a little better every day. Lamb 1 continued to review making his numbers correctly. Lamb 1 also worked on writing his name neatly on his Valentines. Ewe cared about this a lot more than Lamb 1 did!
This morning we got up and went to early church which was a good thing because the other two churches canceled because of weather. This is the most snow we have had since we moved here 7 years ago. Lamb 1 is quite good at shoveling now. We are ready for spring!
Happy Valentine's Day! We didn't have any plans for today, but we wouldn't be able to go anywhere even if we wanted to.

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Happy Valentine's Day!