Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lamb 3's present from his godfather

One of Lamb 3's godfathers surprised us with this gift for him. CPH has a special deal on the
Essential Lutheran Library. His godfather decided to get it for him around Christmas time. CPH has had such a high demand for their products that they just got to Lamb 3's order now. One item, The Lutheran Study Bible is still back ordered. Here's what Lamb 3 did receive now.

Lutheran Service Book
Luther's Catechism
Treasury of Daily Prayer
The Lutheran Book of Prayer
Reading the Psalms with Luther
Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions

Almost all of the items are imprinted with Lamb 3's name. We had purchased a couple of these books for our Lambs when they were on sale, but they weren't imprinted. Ram didn't even own all these books. Ram was slightly jealous when he saw Lamb 3's books! His godfather said that he knew this was a little strange gift for a less than 2 year old, but he couldn't resist the sale price. He wants us to give Lamb 3 a book at a time when we think he is ready for it, as a Christmas or birthday gift, until he has all the books in the set. The Lambs were jealous that their brother received such a big box and they didn't get anything. We showed them that they already owned a hymnal and they weren't so jealous when the only "treat" in the box was books! Ram looked at the prices and decided to complete the set for the other 2 Lambs now. So now all 3 Lambs have the complete set waiting for them to learn how to read. Of course Ram had to complete a set for himself while he was at it! We have tried to tell all the Lambs' godparents that it is not about the gifts, that we just want them to pray for our Lambs. We think Lamb 3's godfather gave him a wonderful gift! Lamb 3's other godfather was an editor for Treasury of Daily Prayer, so this gift was from him too. Choosing godparents was not something that we took lightly. We are thankful for all our Lambs' godparents.


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

That is a WONDERFUL gift. I plan to get that for our godchildren on the event of their Confirmation.

Paul McCain said...

What a wonderful gracious gift!

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thanks and God bless