Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

In memory of Roy Lee P.-October 3, 1920-February 10, 2010
Lamb 2 with Great-Grandpa-October 2006
Great-Grandpa's funeral is today. It seems strange to me as a Lutheran that the graveside committal is first and the funeral is second. That's just how things worked out this time at their church. I think I will always think of his funeral on Ash Wednesday now, even though the date changes for Ash Wednesday.
"During the forty days of Lent, God's baptized people cleanse their hearts through the discipline of Lent; repentance, prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Lent is a time in which God's people prepare with joy for the Paschal Feast (Easter). It is a time in which God renews His people's zeal in faith and life. It is a time in which we pray that we may be given the fullness of grace that belongs to the children of God." TDP page 26
I am going to try to read Rev. Harrison's book on Joy during Lent this year. I was excited to receive our copy in the mail! I am also going to try to get back to Compline with Ram every night. We got away from that recently.
We have had a strange year this year. All church services were canceled on Christmas because of the weather. Ram had to cancel Ash Wednesday service because he had to go to the funeral. Schools in this area were canceled again yesterday. I'm thinking that Ash Wednesday service would probably be canceled because of the weather even if Ram hadn't canceled because of the funeral. It was scheduled at our country church (the tri-parish rotates Lent services). There are very few times (if any) in my life that I missed Ash Wednesday or Christmas services. I'm really hoping that weather doesn't cancel our Easter services! But I wouldn't be surprised in MN in early April either.

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