Monday, February 8, 2010

The blessings of where we live

Sometimes I complain about living in such a rural area that we drive 1 1/2 hours to go major grocery shopping or go to the doctor. There are no groups like MOPS and no one that I know to invite over to play with my boys and chat with a mom every once and awhile. There is no La Leche League group within 1 1/2 hours. One of my friends said she couldn't make it without a mom's group. I complain about Costco being 4 hours away.

I think it's because I'm pregnant and many of these have contacted me recently, but I'm reminded that we are blessed where we live. Here's a few wonderful people/places that I can think of.

*chiropractor (7 miles)

*midwife that does water births (45 miles-I hope we have all our children before we move from here or she doesn't work there)

*WIC office (7 miles-they really support breastfeeding and even let me borrow LLL books for as long as I want them-I know this is not true of all WIC offices-plus give us free car seats)

*ECFE (7 miles-as far as I know MN is the only state that has ECFE)

*regular dr. (7 miles-we just began going to her last year and we really like her)

*pediatrician (1 1/2 hours but has been wonderful as we worked with Lamb 1 with MSPI and our other Lambs have always been at the bottom of the chart-most pediatricians would not be as understanding)

*Ewe's thyroid dr. (3 hours-much better than the dr. that I went to in Fort Wayne-really knows what she is doing and concerned about me, especially when I'm pregnant)

*dentist (15 miles)

*Lambs dentist (3 hours-Lamb 1 had dental work done when he was 3)

*eye dr. (7 miles)

*Early Childhood Initiative (7 miles-our town was one of a handful in the state to get a huge grant to work on teaching/educational opportunities for ages 0-5 years-also part of Dolly Parton's program that sends a free book to children each month from age 0-5)

*Sears portrait studio (1 1/2 hours-do a great job and with coupons not that expensive)

*Schwan man (I love having delivery because we live too far from the grocery to get ice cream home in the summer without it melting!)

*church treasurer (does a great job, especially being in charge of tri-parish expenses-taxes would be a pain if our treasurer didn't do his job right)

*local bank (7 miles-has savings program with rewards for the Lambs-small towns are the only ones that have something like this)

*parsonage (we have 4 bedrooms, full basement-plenty of room for the Lambs to play in the winter-I would be surprised if we ever live in a house this large again)

As much as I complain about where we live, we are blessed where we live by all this. Sometimes I need to make lists like this to remind myself of my blessings instead of just complaining. If Ram were to get a Call and we had to move, I would be sad to leave all these people and especially to have to find brand new doctors. Thank you, Jesus, for blessing us with this.

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Dakotapam said...

Finding new Doctors is the hardest. I almost did not want to get pregnant because I did not want to break in a new doc! Working at the hospital was great because I just picked everyone's brain until I found a doc who shared my same philosophies. As God would have it, he is also the go-to guy for multiples... So I did not get to labor ina whirlpool as I wished, but I got to deliver my twins vaginally...which was a huge deal to me (even though it hurt!)

Our family doc is fabulous as well. She even gave me her cell number so I can call her if the twins run a fever in the night or some other scary thing. She even checked on Emily in the nicu, even though technically Emily was not yet under her care.

I tend to make lists as well when I feel like maybe things are not right,and then I realize how blessed I am!