Thursday, February 4, 2010

About yesterday's Wordless Wednesday

1. We called Ewe's sister and told her the news on Monday night. She always thinks that we're pregnant-even when I just had a Lamb! I guess she gave up on guessing that we were pregnant because it took a long time to finally tell her on Monday. She was planning on going to Korea to teach English so we told her first so that she might have a chance to come to Lamb 4's baptism before she goes to Korea. We'll see how that all works out.
2. We called Ram's parents on Tuesday night. Ram's dad was in AZ on business and Ram's mom went along. We rarely call their cell phone so Ram's dad took the call expecting some kind of bad news. He wasn't quite speechless, but we did surprise him. His first question was if we were done after Lamb 4. He told us Ram's mom would call us later.
Ram's mom finally called back on Wednesday night. She has been busy with the other wives on this business trip. She wanted to know the due date. We didn't have time to talk long so we're going to try to talk more soon. She said she told the other wives that we were expecting #4 and they were shocked about #4. I answered Ram's dad's question because it hadn't been answered. If we have a boy then we'll try again for a girl. If we have a girl we'll try again to give her a sister. Before we got married Ram wanted 6 (just like the Bakers) and I wanted 4. I think we'll end up compromising and having 5, but Ram is still hoping for 6. I was hoping for 2 girls and 2 boys in my original hope for 4. So I think it would be wonderful to have that 2 girls and 2 boys plus 1 more boy. We'll see what God has planned. I really don't care if this is a boy or a girl because we are used to boys and if we have another boy Lamb 3 would have a brother close to his age. Although I'll be honest and tell that we really want a girl too.
3. We did not tell Ewe's parents-we let them find out on the blog. They were shocked. My mom saw it first and was surprised that my dad didn't see it first. At first my mom didn't believe it. They called us and were really surprised.
4. Ram won't let me find out the gender so we'll all be surprised in September.
5. I went to the midwife last Thursday and she tried to use a portable ultrasound but it was just too early to see any detail. On Monday I went for a real ultrasound and again it is very early so they couldn't tell much. But I was thrilled to hear the heartbeat and also to hear there is just one. Pam had me convinced that I had a good chance of having twins! The Wordless Wednesday was the ultrasound from Monday but I removed all the personal information. I am due the middle of September and the midwife was pleased that the ultrasound date was very close to her date.
6. Pam, yes, I have a supply of Preggie Drops here, I like to give them to my pregnant friends but usually by the time they announce they are pretty much over morning sickness.
7. The end of December and the beginning of January I just felt blah-couldn't really describe what was wrong. I was considering going to the chiropractor but what was he going to do for my symptom of being blah? I finally got the idea to take a pregnancy test and it showed up right away-very different from my last pregnancy where I took several pregnancy tests before one showed up positive. Ram got back from his trip to the Cities and he smelled like garlic to me. He told me he didn't have any garlic for lunch. I wasn't convinced. He smelled like garlic to me for 3 days! (Not very romantic when he just got back from a trip!) On the second day Lamb 1 also smelled like garlic. I never had this problem in pregnancy before. Have any of you ever smelled imaginary smells when you are pregnant?
8. I felt fine until a few days ago. The morning sickness is starting. I was hospitalized with Lamb 1 with morning sickness. Each Lamb I have learned to cope a little better. Soon I'll be surviving with Preggie Drops and ginger ale (preferably from Menards-but any ginger ale). I also have been really really hungry and I don't remember that from previous pregnancies either.
9. I recently read a book titled Changing the World One Diaper at a Time and the author said she doesn't know how people keep pregnancy a secret for 3 or 4 months because she (and her husband) had to tell within the week that they found out they were pregnant. We've told at different times for different Lambs. I think we waited the longest to tell when I was pregnant the second time and I had a miscarriage the day after we told our congregations. So this time we've told our family (with the exception of Ram's grandparents) and my blog, and we're going to send our Christmas cards soon and tell there too. We have not told the Lambs though because we have not told the congregations yet and we don't want them to have to keep that big of a secret. I'm not sure when we will tell the congregations and then we'll be able to tell the Lambs. I don't get very big when I'm pregnant so we could probably wait awhile to tell the congregations. We'll see.
10. The photo of Lamb 3 was actually taken last fall when we were going to announce before we had a miscarriage. Lamb 3 has been terrible about getting his photo taken recently so I decided to use that old photo. Currently he needs a haircut but he doesn't look much different than that photo.
11. We have had a girl name picked for over 6 years and never been able to use it, but we are starting to run out of boy names. We like a Bible name for the first name and a family name for the middle name. So Ram and I will be discussing a boy name for the next few months!
12. Thanks for all the comments yesterday. Please keep Lamb 4 and me in your prayers.


Dakotapam said...

I'm so excited for you...I know I said it yesterday...but I'll say it again! I hope you don't get too sick! My favorite ginger ale is very is Vernors and usually can be fond at a price in most stores, but is really very common in Michigan. It is very carbonated as well. It settled my tummy . Also, non alcoholic beer helped my tummy...but you have to like beer:)

Girls are fun. A year ago I was fine with four boys. As a matter of fact, I was not sure I wanted a daughter at all. But Matt sure did. Now that I have these two, I am having so much fun! I even just ordered pink diaper covers! The boys had cowboys on theirs:)

I'm starting to forget how miserable my pregnancy was and the pain is fading from my labor...but I am done. Content, and have a full plate, full house and full van:)

Now we'll wait for Andrew to have babies in about 10 years!

Glenda said...

"Bionic nose" - that was the lovely term my dh gave to my super-sensitive nose. It was one of the signs that led us to know I was pregnant.

For telling the congregation, one time, the youngest kid did it, and one time dh added my name in the pray of the church when the petition for expecting mothers was part of the day. That was the fun one, just who was paying attention! :-)

Hope you keep feeling well.