Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to...

I was baking cut out heart cookies last night and I was reminded of this story. I'm not sure if any of my high school friends read my blog. This story would be even more funny to them.

My senior year of high school the National Honor Society members decided to do a service project and throw a Valentine's party at the Boys and Girls Club. Somehow my best friend and I got talked into bringing several hundred heart cut out cookies and then we brought frosting and sprinkles and let the kids each decorate a few to eat or take home. We also organized games and I can't remember what else, but my friend Stephanie and I were in charge of the cookie project. I was right on time for leaving to drive across Fort Wayne from the north end where I lived to the south end of town where the party was. I was going to pick up my friend with her cookies and we would drive across town. After opening the garage door I started to back out of the garage. I was about half way out of the garage when the cable (or whatever it is called) broke on the garage door and the door fell onto the car! I stopped where I was and got out just stunned that the door fell on my car the exact moment the car was half way out of the garage. My mom was on the phone and she heard the noise and she said to whomever she was talking to, "Ewe just backed out of the garage and she forgot to open the garage door first!" It took me a few minutes to explain to her what happened and tell her that I really DID open the garage door before I backed out. I was panicking because we had to be at this party across town and we had the cookies which were half of the activities for this party. Stephanie lived just two doors down so I ran down and told her what happened. She talked her parents into letting her borrow the car. (I'm sure it wasn't easy because she came from a family of 5 kids.) We went to the party and were just a little late. It was interesting explaining why we were late! My dad got home from work and had to figure out how to get the garage door off of the car. They have a 2 car-1 door garage and it is not a light garage door. By the time I got home the door was off the car and they got it repaired professionally quickly. I missed all that excitement while I was at the party. It was another story to explain to our insurance man. The car wasn't damaged but the garage door was totaled if I remember correctly.

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