Monday, February 15, 2010

Lamb 3

Lamb 3 does this when he gets excited. He makes a fist with both hands, clenches his jaw, and shakes. He often does this instead of verbally answering "yes". While we were at communion yesterday, Lamb 3 started to do this when Ram got close to us. He got really excited while Ram gave him a blessing. I can only imagine how excited Lamb 3 will be when he gets to receive Christ's body and blood too.


Laura said...

Benjamin does that too! He has done it since he was little and he still does it...especially when he is excited or happy or sees something really cool, like the vacuum!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's what the ice skater guy did when he won - as the First Am. Gold medalist in 22 years!!!! I could see JOHN being a snow boarder or even a lougest (is that the proper term for one who does the louge?) - but I'm not sure yet if Nathan would be the skater... says Auntie Hannah who isn't taking the time to comment as myself