Friday, February 26, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Today is my dad's 70th birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! We sent him a box last week with a few treats. I'm anxious to hear if he liked his gifts and how his day went. My mom was going to surprise him with a little trip/date and then they were going to go out to eat at a Mexican restaurant that gives free meals on birthdays.
2. We had a busy day today so I'm just posting this at 11pm! First Lamb 1 and Ram took the car in for an oil change. Then Lamb 2 and Ewe went grocery shopping locally. They had some really good sales plus I had my coupons. My bill was $50 and I saved $32. I don't think I have ever done that well grocery shopping. I bought a lot of canned goods and flour and items that we will use and could stock up on.
3. Next we headed across the border to SD and all the boys got their hair cut. Lamb 3 screamed through his first haircut and he was very quiet today, but he let her cut his hair. All the boys really needed a haircut. The hairdresser didn't realize how long Lamb 2 and 3's hair was until she started cutting it. Ram had hoped to get his haircut in CA when he went to the funeral but he never had time. Lamb 2 requested me to make oatmeal cake. I had never made it before. I followed the recipe in Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. It was really good! We shared the cake and the hairdresser made cookies. The Lambs like to go play with her children even though they are older than our Lambs. The hairdresser is LCMS and they homeschool. We always enjoy the afternoon of haircuts and spending time with their family.
4. Then we continued on to Watertown, SD. We did shopping at Target, Menards, and Walmart. We ate supper at Jimmy Johns and hit Starbucks on the way out of town. We also had some more liquor rebates so we went to the liquor store. I have a nice supply of vodka for cleaning now!
5. We were rushed to try to make it home in time to meet the Schwan man. He usually comes between 8-9pm and we returned home at 9pm. We tried to get Rocky Road ice cream for my sister that is coming to visit next week and ice cream that Lamb 1 requested for his birthday. Since we didn't make it home in time, my sister won't have Rocky Road. We'll go into town and get another brand of the ice cream that Lamb 1 wanted for his birthday.
6. Lamb 1 and Ram had colds this week. On Monday and Tuesday, Lamb 1 didn't feel well enough to have school. Today we were busy all day and didn't fit school in. I don't feel like it is Friday because we didn't have much school this week. My sister comes to visit next week and I know we won't fit all the school in. We'll have to do better after Aunt Hannah goes home!
7. Lamb 1 is a pack rat with the papers he draws and cuts. I have been telling him to put it on his dresser in his room instead of being all over my living room. His dresser was so piled with bits of paper that he couldn't find his watch on Sunday. After tears that he couldn't wear his watch to church, I declared he would have to clean the mess up after church. I told him he could only keep what he could fit in a shoebox. He worked a little on it every day this week and his shoebox is almost full. He still has a diaper box full of papers to go through. He won't have much time to work on the project until Aunt Hannah goes home. I don't know where he inherited the pack rat trait!


Anonymous said...

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Take care! Have fun with your sister!


Joelle said...

Ah! I can so identify with a child collecting papers!!! Audrey collects papers from everywhere we go - the library, the dr. office, the bank, church, etc. Any pages she colors or draws on is a treasure. I have been having her put them in a drawer every night. If they are out, I can recycle them. Every few weeks we go through the drawer together. I am brutal - only gets to keep 10 items (I take out anything important first that I deem worthy of keeping - usually very little). I am so not a pack rat - but Matt is. Audrey has even said, "I'm going to give this to Daddy because he keeps everything." Hahaha! :)