Monday, February 15, 2010

Crazy advertisement

Our local newspaper had an advertisement for lunches being sold for a special local celebration week (Winterfest) next week.
"Includes: Choice of Club with cherry pie, chicken salad with chocolate pie, or seafood salad with coconut cream pie honoring Ash Wednesday. Also chips, fruit salad, and cookie. Plus delivery and a flower."
Does it seem strange to you that you would have a special lunch including pie and cookie on Ash Wednesday? I think they should have had this lunch on Fat Tuesday!


Erin said...

Ewe, are you placing an order? :)

Chris and I spotted an ad in our local paper last year for an "Good Friday All You Can Eat Fish Fry". Isn't that awful?

Darin said...

Aww come on...Lutherans aren't pietists! =-)