Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February-classroom vs. homeschool

When I taught in the classroom, many of the teachers complained about February being too long and too long until spring. I never felt that way while I was in the classroom. February seemed to fly by while we were doing fun activities! We did extra activities for African American month, of course Valentine's art projects and a small Valentine's party. Sometimes school got canceled a few days because of weather. Plus it only had 28 or 29 days. Add in teaching about President's Day and trying to get regular school subjects in and I didn't complain about February in the classroom. Before I knew it, it was time to do March activities.
I've only begun this homeschool adventure with our oldest in kindergarten this year, but it seems to be opposite in homeschool for me. Yes, we made Valentine's to send to our relatives and we made cut out Valentine cookies and decorated them. But we didn't have a Valentine's Day party and because of weather we were unable to do anything extra for Valentine's Day. I would probably make cookies with the Lambs on a Saturday if they were in school. We aren't doing anything for African American month in our homeschool. School isn't getting canceled for weather. We've had the most snow since we moved here 7 years ago. That means Lamb 1 and Ram have been busy shoveling almost every day. The Lambs haven't been able to play in the snow because it is too deep and they get lost in the snow! We were busy cleaning the house at the beginning of the month, finishing writing thank you notes in the middle of the month, (it's not as bad as it sounds-most of our church members gave us our Christmas presents way after Christmas because church was canceled on Christmas) and I'm hoping to work on taxes and get everything together to send to our tax lady before the end of the month. The month is flying by, but not with what I would call fun activities!
Homeschooling has taken some adjustment for me after teaching in the classroom. I think in some ways it is more difficult for me to make this adjustment than if I had never taught in the classroom like some homeschool parents that I know. In the end it is worth it because homeschooling works so well for our family!
When I was teaching, our school was not in favor of spending educational time on Valentine's parties. We were allowed to have a very small party instead of recess. I sent home notes and expected my first and second grade students to make a Valentine for each student in the class-writing the student's names on the Valentine and signing them. I had anywhere from 8-18 children in my class. Much of the party was spent passing out Valentine's to the correct students. As a parent, I realized how much this was asking for the parents to supervise all that writing-especially for the first graders! The Lambs worked together to make homemade Valentine's and then I asked Lamb 1 to sign his own name on all of them. We had to do a few at a time and take a break and then do some more. We only made about 15 Valentines and all he had to do was sign his first name. I realize he is only in kindergarten, but it seemed like a lot of work to him. Thankfully with homeschool we were able to take breaks and we finally got them all in the mail on Saturday. I realized that if he was in school there would have been pressure to finish them before the party at school. Plus, the ones that we sent Valentine's to will appreciate them. I think most of my students ended up putting their Valentine's in the trash a few days later.


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Great post! I left you award at my blog--come see!

The Mama said...

to commiserate- this has been the longest February ever. I'm pretty sure moms everywhere will agree. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that February is Library Lover's Month... come on, I know YOU didn't miss that one!!!