Thursday, December 9, 2010

2 Blog posts worth reading

Today is a very busy day, but I wanted to link to two blogs.

1. A friend from college, Rev. Aaron Kangas, posted some Kantorei to You Tube. Father Hollywood posted some of the hymns here. We own this CD, but it was nice to see some Lutheran hymns on You Tube.

2. A Looper family has a son that is fighting for his life after a transplant. I have met John's mom, Gina, at Mamapoolozas. Some of the Loopers are doing some special things for John's birthday and to help out their family. I don't do Facebook so I'm always behind on news, but here is the latest posted to her blog. I have tried Maryann's beans that are mentioned and they are excellent. Please keep John and his family in your prayers.

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