Friday, December 31, 2010

Sixth Day of Christmas

Sorry for the delay in posting this, we had technical difficulties this morning. Church services are canceled tonight due to the twin blizzards here. Our pantry is stocked and ready to have a quiet New Year's Eve at home with our family.

If you have not read my post from the First Day of Christmas, please go back and read that post first.

Christmas Quiz part 3 ANSWERS-How well do you know the Biblical Christmas story?
Which of the following are mentioned in the Biblical Christmas story?
doves (Luke 2:24)
sheep (Luke 2:8 says flocks)
Abraham's descendants (Luke 1:55)
circumcision (Luke 1:59 and 2:21)
public disgrace (Matthew 1:19)
incense (Luke 1:10)
David (Luke 1:32, 1:69)
Egypt (Matthew 2:13-14)
drummer boy

Who named Jesus? (Matthew 1:21, 1:23, 1:25 and Luke 2:21-Gabriel, Joseph, and Mary)
When did the Magi come to see Jesus?
a) two weeks before He was born
b) on the night He was born
c) one week after He was born
d) at least six weeks after He was born (Luke 2:22 and Leviticus 12:2-4 The Magi came after the Purification.)
e) we are not told in the Bible

Our Christmas Ornaments part 6
When Ewe's family took vacations, Ewe tried to buy a Christmas ornament as a souvenir. Starting at top left-NYC-Statue of Liberty family vacation about 1984. Mount Vernon-Washington D.C. trip-Ewe and her dad 1986. Coke museum in Atlanta-CUW band tour 1996. Cotton plant angel from same trip. Willamsburg with Zion teachers about 1998. Make Way for Ducklings-Boston conference about 1999. San Francisco trip 2001. Walnut Grove, MN-Laura Ingalls Wilder sites, 2010.

Top row-Ram and Ewe's trip out west in 2002. Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument.
Bottom row-Sleigh for our trip to ID for Christmas 2002 (we took a sleigh ride), Disneyland 2006 (there's a place for a photo but it's breakable so I haven't had it on the tree nor have I put a photo in it), Holy Hill, WI 2009.
Sometimes it is difficult to find Christmas ornaments when we are on vacation and sometimes it is easy. I do like having ornaments as a souvenir to remind me of those trips each time we decorate our tree. Most of them are pretty safe for the Lambs so most of these do hang on our tree, but a few will wait until the Lambs are older. Recently our vacations have been to see family in the same places, but as the Lambs get older we hope to take them to visit more places and add to our ornament collection.

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