Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Lambs at Christmas

We successfully put our tree up yesterday so we can enjoy Christmas at home by our tree now! I am praying that snow does not cancel services this weekend like last year.
Last Sunday, I attempted to take photos of the Lambs at church, BEFORE they ate at the potluck and got dirty. This was the best I could get them to cooperate. Their sweaters were on sale at Gymboree on Black Friday. The Lambs and Ram and Ram's parents went to the local cafe and I shopped while I was in my pajamas that day. Their sweaters were marked way down from the $35 each regular price plus I got free shipping! Why anyone would go to the store on Black Friday when you can get the same deals on the Internet, is beyond me.

My baby looks so grown up here! Where did the last 2 1/2 years go?

I ordered sweaters that would be large on them so they could wear them for awhile. Lamb 1 was disgusted with me because he is 6 so he should wear size 6, not size 7-8! He wasn't going to wear his sweater, but then he saw Lamb 2 and 3 had theirs on and he decided to be like them. He wanted his photo by the cross, not the Christmas tree. I didn't argue with him since he was actually taking a photo.

We pray that you have a blessed Christmas Eve!

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