Friday, December 3, 2010

You know you live in a small town when...

Two things happened today that made me laugh because it would never happen in my big hometown.
1. I picked up our mail at the post office and we were expecting several packages so I was surprised that there weren't any. A few hours later the substitute mail lady came to our door with two packages. I must add that it was snowing and we had several inches of snow. She accidentally gave our packages to the wrong person. They took them home and opened them up and then looked at the name on the box and brought them back to the post office. She brought them to the door, apologized, and told me to double check that everything was in there. One was a Christmas present so I double checked the packing slip because I had no idea what that relative sent us. Both boxes had everything in there.
2. Ram took both our cars to be serviced this afternoon. They were both way overdue after trips from Mayo and not getting either serviced while Ram was recovering. He took his car and Lamb 1 for a 1pm appointment, brought that car home, got the minivan and Lamb 2 and went back for a 3pm appointment. When Ram got home I was surprised he just brought me one bill. The service guy suggested that he "just pay for both at the same time" instead of paying twice.

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The Mama said...

Our small town car shop still runs things on credit- as in they just write down your name and expect you to remember to come pay sometime. It's taken some getting used to!