Monday, December 27, 2010

Second Day of Christmas

If you have not read my post yesterday, please read that first. Today I am posting the answers for the questions I asked on my blog yesterday.

Christmas Quiz part 1 ANSWERS-How well do you know the Biblical Christmas story?

Mary's parents
Rachel (Matthew 2:18)
swaddling cloths (Luke 2:12)
funeral perfume (myrrh) (Matthew 2:11)
false worship (someone doing this even if these exact words are not used) (Matthew 2:8)
Angel (Luke 1:19) (also goes with Gabriel)
Gabriel (Luke 1:26) (also goes with Angel)
evangelism (someone doing this even if these exact words are not used) (Luke 2:17)
divorce (Matthew 1:19)
blessedness of faith (Luke 1:45)
forgiveness (Luke 1:77)
Nicholas (but see Acts 6:5)

How many Magi came to see Jesus? (See Matthew 2:1-we don't know, all we know is there was more than one.)

What sort of transportation did the Magi use? (See Matthew 2:1-we don't know how far they came. They could have used camels, walked, rode a horse, rode elephants, or gone on a ship. If it was a religious pilgrimage they would have walked. If they were wealthy then they would have been carried (horse, camel, elephant, etc.) We don't know how the Magi came to Jesus.)

How did Mary almost surely travel to Bethlehem? (Most surely she walked. If they would have had a donkey for Mary to ride to Bethlehem, they would have sold it to buy a lamb for the Presentation of Jesus.)

Check my blog tomorrow for the next questions for the Christmas Quiz. I will try to post questions the first day and the answers the next day.

Our Christmas ornaments part 2

These ornaments were made by my Grandma Frieda. Almost every year she made each of the grandchildren an ornament. Most were made with plastic mesh. It is difficult to see in this photo, but my favorite is the mailbox because it opens. My grandma liked the ones like the picture frames and mailbox because she could fold money and put that in there. I think she got most of the patterns from her sister, Lena. She felt bad that after she turned 90 she couldn't see well enough to make us ornaments any more. But that didn't stop her from making homemade mints for my wedding! I enjoy putting my grandma's ornaments on the tree each year. This year the Lambs asked who that one was a picture of and I told them it was my Grandma Frieda. I'm sure Grandma made more than what I have here, but they are either still packed away with our breakable ornaments or still at my parent's house. I love that these were homemade, but the Lambs can still hang them on the tree without breaking them.

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joelle said...

Yea! I did great! The false worship one is the one I thought it depended about how you interpreted it. False worship makes me think of idols and false gods. Jesus is God, so that isn't false worship. I guess maybe pretending to worship makes more sense to me here. The ones that aren't in there I knew weren't. A few others I didn't have before I read because I didn't realize what all the passages were like I wrote in the previous comment (ex - the magnificat (sp??))
Thanks for the fun!