Friday, December 10, 2010

More Christmas Parties

The 2nd Christmas party at our churches went much better than the first one. I brought a dip and cookies this time. The dip is very simple layer cream cheese, black beans, mild rotel, and shredded cheese. Serve with tortilla chips. I only brought home a few teaspoons. The ladies loved my Target blue corn tortilla chips. I made cookies that I remember my mom making-ginger creams. Several were eaten and there were also plenty left to give to the staff at the nursing home.
This week a member asked me for my recipe for cocktail wieners. She was thinking of making that for the 3rd Christmas party. I was laughing to myself as I answered her-I went from no one eating my hummus to being asked for a recipe. This recipe was my grandma's recipe. It's cheap and the kids love it and not healthy food like hummus. I warm in a crockpot cocktail wieners, equal parts grape jelly (store bought and full of HFCS!) and yellow mustard. I gave her my recipe and I'm also going to make that for the 3rd Christmas party as mine always go fast at that potluck.
This week I'm on the committee to serve at the Advent service but other than that I get a week break from Christmas parties. Then we have potlucks all day long on the 19th at two of our churches. All this is assuming that weather doesn't change our plans. After the 19th then it will just be planning what we are going to eat with our family for Christmas. Ram's family tradition is crepes with lingonberries so we'll have that.

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