Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week 9 and 10 School Report

In the classroom, it would be report card time after week 9. We don't do formal report cards in our homeschool, but I would say both Lamb 1 and 2 are doing very well. We have been on modified school for the past few months, but beginning in January we will go back to all school subjects. The Lambs are looking forward to that.
Religion: Memorized John 3:16, did the Bible story Passion of Christ, Lamb 2 practiced lines for two Christmas programs, Lamb 1 practiced lines for one Christmas program, and we read many books about the real Christmas story. We sang lots of Advent and Christmas hymns.
Reading: We read aloud lots of Christmas books and other books. We read some books about Babar. We read the Little Red Hen and some Tomie de Paola books. Lamb 1 read some easy readers that Ram's mom just sent.
Handwriting: Lamb 2 finished a coloring book and an easy mazes book. In January I will begin teaching him capital letters. He was not ready before this.
Science: We read some of their magazines-Wild Animal Baby, National Geographic Little Kids.
History: We read a book about Teddy Roosevelt bringing a Christmas tree into the White House. We read some Laura Ingalls Wilder about Christmas in the Big Woods. We read Babar's World Tour and Babar's USA. We read about the history of popcorn.
Math: Lamb 1 continues to do well in Saxon Math. Lamb 1 and 2 both continue their dot to dot books. Lamb 1 finished an easy Sesame Street counting book-my goal was to make sure he was making the numbers correctly. Lamb 2 continues to work on writing his numbers in his Kumon book.
Other: We attended all the Advent services at our churches this year. (None were canceled because of weather!) We ate lunch with the pastors of the circuit when they met at our country church one day. We went caroling and attended a Christmas party at the nursing home. The Lambs have enjoyed watching videos of some of the Christmas programs before that they were in (especially the year that they were baby Jesus!). We cleaned out our cradle with books and the Lambs discovered some they hadn't read for a long time. We made a few kinds of cookies and fudge.  The Lambs have shoveled a lot.
Art: The Lambs used stamps and made birthday cards for our friend John and also stamped cards for our family (grandparents) for Christmas. I had never been brave enough to get everything out for them to do stamping so they enjoyed this. We read Babar's Museum of Art. The Lambs have been big on coloring lately. Last Christmas crayons were the favorite toy. I bought them more crayons for Christmas this year.  Lamb 1 has been drawing and coloring the flags of the world for fun.
Music: We listened to and read about the Nutcracker Ballet. We listened to Christmas music and sang Christmas music together.

We will have school tomorrow and then take Christmas break until the weekend is over. We will resume school next Monday and take a few days off again at New Year's and in January when we have a few trips planned. I love this part of homeschooling that we can have school next week when we are not busy and take off a few days when we are busy.

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