Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fourth Day of Christmas

If you have not read my post from the First Day of Christmas, please go back and read that post first.

Christmas Quiz part 2 ANSWERS-How well do you know the Biblical Christmas story?
Which of the following are mentioned in the Biblical Christmas story?
inn (Luke 2:7)
manger (Luke 2:7)
house where Jesus lived (Matthew 2:9)
census (Luke 2:1-2)
ritual law (Luke 2:22 and 2:39)
prophetess (Luke 2:36)
dream(s) (Matthew 1:20, 2:13)

What was the financial condition of Mary and Joseph before the Magi came? (Poor, but not dirt poor-middle/lower class. At the Presentation they gave 2 doves. If they would have had more money they would have given a lamb. If they would have been more poor they would have given grain. See Luke 2:24, Exodus 13:2, and Leviticus 12:1-8 and 5:11.)

What is the significance of the name Mary? (Girls names reflected the situation of Jewish people. Miriam means bitter. Mary comes from Miriam. See Exodus 15:23.)

What references to Jesus' death are in the Christmas story? (Simeon's warning to Mary at the Presentation in Luke 2:35. Myrrh was royal funeral perfume in Matthew 2:11.)

Our Christmas Ornaments part 4
Today is our anniversary so I thought I would feature some ornaments given to us at our wedding.

The angel tree topper was given by one of the teachers at Zion as a wedding present. The Indianapolis ornament was purchased on our honeymoon to Indianapolis. The cake ornament was given by one of the pastors that helped with our wedding. The bear ornament was given by Ewe's sister, Hannah, for our first anniversary. Happy 9th Anniversary to Ram and Ewe!

T. Baker family, I want to add that you have been in our prayers daily for the last year, and even more this week and today. This is a bittersweet anniversary for us. "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." (Psalm 46:1)


Sue said...

Happy anniversary! I'm really enjoying your ornament collection.

Joelle said...

Happy Anniversary! I forget that you got married 1 week after my oldest brother. He just celebrated 9 years also. I didn't comment yesterday, but I got the answers correct again - yahoo! Didn't have all the info about the financial status of Mary and Joseph. If I would have thought about it more I probably would have gotten it. We studied the offerings several years ago in BSF when we studied the 'life of Moses' I'm enjoying these posts!

my name is kimberley said...

the sweetest of anniversaries to you, today. may it be filled with the happiest of memories.

we love you both!