Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Tasks that got accomplished:
Serve and eat oatmeal made in crockpot last night
Homeschool Lamb 1
Lamb 2 was very uncooperative during homeschool (very unlike him) so I had to teach him later in the day
Did A LOT of dishes all day
Washed one load of clothes 3 times because Lamb 1 forgot to take a tissue out of his pocket-still dealing with tissue pieces in my laundry room
Changed Lamb 3's sheets
Make and eat salmon pasta salad for lunch
Begin a batch of kombucha
Make cornbread for supper
Make a triple batch of granola
Make ginger cream cookies for Thursday party
Make 2 batches of frosting for ginger cream cookies-1 was too thick and 1 was too runny, but I still used it to frost the cookies.
Eat too many ginger cream cookies
Make whipped cream-didn't turn out-really Ewe, all this other baking and cooking and the whipped cream didn't work??!!
Make ice cream
Make gingerbread (cake) for a treat for our family-they get tired of me baking and everything is always for church, not to eat now
Clean out my purse

For today's to-do list:
Make dip for Thursday party
Make whipped cream again
Use the whipped cream that didn't turn out to make ice cream
Make muffins for breakfast
Make yogurt-our yogurt thermometer broke so we haven't made yogurt for a few weeks
Make bread
Christmas program practice

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