Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ram's aunt attended a Christmas service at a Lutheran church many years ago. She noticed the Chrismons on the tree and thought they were beautiful. When we were in CA last May, she asked me about them. She would like to make some. She found some information on the Internet, but she really wanted pictures to visualize them better. My parents made a set for their tree when they were first married. They didn't know where they were at. When we first came to MN, the country church still used a live Christmas tree and the Chrismons. Since then they have purchased an artificial tree and made new ornaments for the tree. I wasn't sure if they even kept the old Chrismons. Ram's aunt kept asking me to look for her. I found these in a box at church. I must stress that they are pretty old and missing pieces. I decided to post the photos here because it is faster for me than e-mailing them to his aunt. Plus, I wonder if anyone else out in cyberspace would like a visual of these! These are the ones that survived many years of decorating the church, it is not a complete set.

The first type is made out of wood and painted white with gold ribbon, glitter, beads, and other decorations. Before I took photos of these, I thought they were made out of Styrofoam like other Chrismons that I've seen. The wood was a good idea because these held up the best over the years.

The second kind are beads strung on wire. I tried to bend the wire to put them back in shape better to take photos.

These small crowns fell off another ornament, but I didn't know which one.

The third kind has Styrofoam symbols glued to a clear piece of plastic.

There were many made of Styrofoam. Many beads and sequins had fallen off. Some were a block shape with symbols on each side. Some were a Styrofoam ball with symbols on two sides. Here are the photos of the ones that I thought survived over the years the best.

I hope these pictures help you, Aunt Shelley!


Erin said...

My husband put together a Chrismon program for the SS this year. It was postponed until tonight (due to snowy weather). It is going to be great! I'll try to blog about it.

Helpful Teacher said...

Thanks so much for the pictures. I LOVE that there's a butterfly. What a great way to link Christmas and Easter!

I'm SO going to get the kids to do butterfly ornaments for the tree.