Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Third Day of Christmas

If you have not read my post from the First Day of Christmas, please go back and read that post first.

Christmas Quiz part 2-How well do you know the Biblical Christmas story?
Which of the following are mentioned in the Biblical Christmas story?
house where Jesus lived
ritual law

What was the financial condition of Mary and Joseph before the Magi came?
What is the significance of the name Mary?
What references to Jesus' death are in the Christmas story?

Our Christmas Ornaments part 3
These ornaments belong to the Lambs from a dear member of our country church. She started Lamb 1's collection. I liked that the dogs in this collection were so age appropriate-Lamb 1 liked to wear a cape like Superman when he was 3, he liked to write on his easel when he was 4, etc. After a few years they discontinued that collection, and I'm disappointed that they didn't do it at least one more year to finish Lamb 1's collection. At that time our member decided to just give the Lambs money because it was getting more difficult for her to shop after she turned 90. So I decided to continue buying ornaments for the Lambs with the money they received each Christmas from her. So I started the Lambs on a new collection of bears. Unfortunately that stops at age 5. So I allowed Lamb 1 to pick his own ornament last year. He chose Thomas the train. I plan to hit Hallmark after Christmas to buy them another ornament from her. I'm looking forward to finishing Lamb 2's collection of bears and seeing what Lamb 1 picks and hoping that Hallmark continues this collection until Lamb 3 finishes his collection of bears. The Lambs love to put their own ornaments on the tree each year. It gets a little confusing because the ornaments are for their first Christmas, not for when they were age 1, etc. Lamb 1 and 2 both have the same ornament for their second Christmas. I love that our member started this tradition so even if we move away from here we will always think of her and our country church where she is a member when we decorate our Christmas tree.

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