Saturday, December 4, 2010

That strange pastor's wife

On Thursday, one of our Ladies Aids had a Christmas party. They used to have 3 ladies be in charge of the Christmas party, but it got to be too much work for just 3 ladies to plan a "program", decorations, games, prizes for the games, and food for all the ladies of the congregation. So they delegated parts of the party and made the food be potluck. I knew it was potluck now and I was thinking all week about what to bring. It is unlike the other churches where someone has commented that they liked it when I brought something to a potluck before and I try to always take that same dish to that church. Usually these potlucks have more sugar than "real food" so I try to bring "real food" for the Lambs. When I asked a couple of ladies what they were bringing, one was bringing a casserole and the other still hadn't decided what she was bringing. One suggested that I bring a salad. I didn't want to make an extra trip to the store so I needed to make something that I had all the ingredients. I decided to take white chocolate covered pretzels (mainly for the Lambs) and I didn't bring any of those home-they went over well for both the ladies and the Lambs.

But I wanted to take "real food" too. We still had lots of fresh veggies in the fridge from Thanksgiving so I decided to take a veggie tray. Lamb 3 is a very picky eater, but he eats anything that is a dip. So I asked Ram to make hummus while I got ready for the party. I didn't think hummus and veggies was that strange to take to a Christmas party. The ladies had to ask me what was in my dip. They were sure it was full of horseradish and when I said, no, it had garlic, I don't think they believed me. Ram even went easy on the garlic and it was really mild compared to when we usually make it. I think most of the ladies had a little hummus just to see what Ewe brought, but I brought most of the bowl home even after Lamb 3 had a big helping.

What did the other ladies bring? One casserole, ham sandwiches, cheese and olive sandwiches, one veggies with ranch dressing dip, one broccoli salad, 4 or 5 of those "salads" that are full of Cool Whip and I don't know what else because I never make them, one mini pecan pies, one cake, and a few other desserts. I was surprised that no one brought homemade Christmas cookies.

Big sigh from Ewe after the party. I will never cook like these MN ladies have cooked for 50+ years. My food was too healthy for them. I'll have to think to be prepared for next year's Christmas party with food that is more normal for them. At least I know what to make for the next Ladies Aid Christmas party next week. I'm thankful that each church has their party a different week too.


Anonymous said...

Your post had me laughing and sighing. I have also brought hummus & veggies to a potluck before and brought it home nearly untouched. Except in my case it was for an evening get-together of mothers, where I would have expected a little more familiarity with that type of food. Oh well! Good for you to make provisions that your little lambs get fed well.

Erin said...

Our Ladies Aid Christmas Party was this past Thursday too (ummm, Ladies? It's still Advent.). Oh these ladies! I brought green beans. Not a casserole mind you, just steamed and lightly salted green beans, because like you, I knew that everything else would be covered in cream of mushroom soup or cream cheese or Cool Whip. Why? I really don't understand their cooking methods.

What really befuddles me though, is when the ladies start complaining about their diabetes and heart disease. It is no wonder that they are sick!

kimberley said...

if i had been there, i would have happily eaten all of your hummus dip.

and that's a promise!

Joelle said...

Out here a lot of your hummus would have been eaten. Our playgroup has a lot of healthy eaters in it and a lot of young kids who like hummus. Audrey and Matt don't care fro it much. I like it okay. I am opposite of you and the other commenters on this post - I make dishes like the ladies there. Very unhealthy, I know. But I like it, Matt likes it, Audrey likes it. I guess you can also blame me being lazy. I'm just cooking like my mom did - although I'm doing a little better than she did. Most of our meals growing up were 'boxed' meals. I tried to mix things up a little more :)