Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Sunday of Advent

I spent most of Saturday preparing for Sunday-laying out clothes for the Lambs, making food for two potlucks, cutting the Lambs and Ram's hair, and having the Lambs practice their lines for the program.
Lamb 1 and I woke on time and got ready first. Then we waited for Lamb 2 and 3 to wake up. They slept until after 9am! I finally woke them and I was glad we had late service this month. Even though I had woke up with plenty of time to get ready, because Lamb 2 and 3 didn't, it was still a mad dash to get out the door on time.
We had Sunday School and then church and then a potluck at the country church. After church we took a quick family picture by the tree before the Lambs got dirty at the potluck. I took TX caviar and cut up apples with peanut butter dip. The other mom at that church was happy to see a little "healthy" food and not just sugar. After a delicious lunch then we had a long Christmas program practice. The Lambs were very impatient with a long practice. During practice there was a bat in the church. One of the men, not Ram, got it out. I think it is illegal to kill a bat, but I'm not sure. We'll never forget that practice with that excitement!
Then we had a birthday party for Jesus with cake. The Sunday School teachers worked together to give a present to the Lambs. One made a bag with their name cross stitched on it-these are to be their "church bags" to carry their papers from Sunday School. One had her husband make a small wood shelf. One bought small Nativity sets to set on the shelf. The bags and shelves are so neat.
We were finally done at the country church and had a lot to pack up in the car. We got home about 3:30pm and I hurried to put the food I had prepared in the crockpot for the next potluck. Some of the Lambs needed new clothes after cake so we changed them. We left for the middle church about an hour later. None of the Lambs had time for a rest time.
The middle church had their Christmas program last night. Lamb 2 had some lines to say. Lamb 1 had a non-speaking, but important part. He was the angel that came and lit the Christ candle. I know it is too early to light the Christ candle, but it was an important part of the program and this is when the program was scheduled. After Lamb 1 lit the Christ candle, then others came and lit their candles from the Christ candle to represent different people we are praying for around the world. Lamb 2 wanted to dress like a shepherd so he did. The Lambs did a great job. Even Lamb 3 sat by himself while Ram helped Lamb 1 and I went up to say my lines with Lamb 2.
After the program then there was another potluck. This time I brought cocktail wieners. One of the other members had asked for my recipe and she made the same thing. So there were actually enough when the Lambs went through line instead of being all gone by that time. I also took more apples with dip and that went over well. We stayed around and talked for awhile and were one of the last families to leave. With a tri-parish, we don't see the members at the middle church very often, so it was nice to have some time to chat. The Lambs got pretty wild while we were talking so we finally had to round them up and then try to calm them down enough for bed.
I was amazed that weather did not cancel our plans yesterday. Today we are getting the predicted 6 inches. I also thought yesterday was a lot of fun. I think a couple of things helped me have fun yesterday. I spent Saturday getting ready. The Lambs are a little older so didn't need quite as much supervision so I could chat. Last year all services at Christmas time got canceled so we all have a little different perspective about Christmas Eve-we're just glad to have church, it doesn't matter if the program is perfect. We still have the problem that all 3 churches forget that the pastor and his family are trying to do everything for all 3 churches, while they only do the activities/program at one church, but this was made a little better because I was prepared. Each week in December I have thought through what we have that week, what I am fixing for potlucks, what the Lambs are going to wear, etc. This part of being a pastor's wife of a tri-parish will always be difficult for me, but I think I actually know how to do it better since this is the 8th Christmas we are here!

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

You have A LOT of potlucks. We have a large church here, and we only have one a year, and that's with the school! Kudos to you for bringing something to all of them!