Saturday, July 18, 2009

Beginning of our CA vacation

We left on Wednesday, July 8. We let Lamb 1 and 2 go to library storytime before we left. They were able to pick prizes and they picked some paper airplanes they had wanted, but we had not been able to find. (We had looked at several stores!) I was glad they found them at the summer reading program prizes. They played with their new airplanes all the way to the Twin Cities. Because we went to library storytime, we got to our hotel quite late. The Lambs got tired of driving the 4 hour trip. We spent the night at the hotel and then left our car at the hotel parking lot for $10. This was much better than the $45 AAA rate we get where we usually park.
We woke at 5 am and took the hotel shuttle to the airport. It was a 4 hour nonstop flight. Lamb 3 slept about an hour at the beginning of the flight and Lamb 1 slept about 1 1/2 hours at the end of the flight. We had no trouble taking rice milk on the plane. Lamb 2 never slept on the plane.
We found Ram's parents at the airport and Ram's dad had rented a big van and 3 carseats. We got all our stuff and all of us loaded in the van. We got a little lost looking for a restaurant and we ended up at this delightful seafood restaurant right on the water. Lamb 2 slept through the entire lunch. I ordered a salad with shrimp on the side. Lamb 3 ate the shrimp like it was Cheerios. I didn't get many shrimp! The food was excellent and we were all glad we got a little lost and discovered that restaurant.
We stayed at Embassy Suites so we drove there and unloaded. I had tried to pack light but that was impossible with 3 little Lambs. Then we went to Target and Whole Foods for some things I couldn't pack (diapers and rice milk). Then we went to a park to let the Lambs run some energy off. They aren't used to tons of kids being at the park when we go so they were a little overwhelmed. Lamb 3 enjoyed swinging. Grandma tried to convince Lamb 1 and 2 to play and she succeeded a little.
Then we went back and ate at the restaurant at the hotel. It was easier than going out and we were all tired. I had another salad that was really good, but I was getting tired of salads!
Then we went to bed anxious for our sightseeing trip to San Francisco the next day.

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I'm excited for your next installment--sounds like a fun adventure!