Thursday, July 2, 2009


A while ago, one of the blogs I read, mentioned how much they like Costco diapers and wondered if it was worth a Costco membership. We live 4 hours from Costco so we only go a few times a year. We LOVE Costco! We don't have a Sam's Club membership, just a Costco membership.
When we had supper with the Kolb family at CCA, we had a conversation about what products we really like from Costco. I thought I would blog a little about this.
Here is our system-we got an American Express Card from Costco and we charge every place that accepts American Express and pay it off at the end of every month. Our rebate the last few years has been around $150 with this system. We use the rebate to pay for the annual membership. So I figure we get a free membership plus about $100 to go shopping at Costco every year. We do not buy gas with our American Express card because we have another charge card that gives us a better rebate for that. The last rebate that we redeemed, the clerk said it was one of the biggest ones she had redeemed. I find that hard to believe, but I do know $150 is a nice rebate check!
The photo above, we bought ice cream cones last time. We needed ice cream cones and the Lambs were excited about all the different kinds in the box. I should have realized it was a Costco size box-we won't need to buy ice cream cones for a very long time!
We love the produce at Costco, especially the avocados. We only buy avocados at Costco and we make lots of guacamole when we have avocados. I bought some organic raspberries last time we went and made jam with them.
The refrigerated section has mango peach salsa that is great.
We drink rice milk, not cow's milk, and they have excellent prices on it, but they don't have it every time we shop there. We buy 6 cases when we get there.
Ram's mom brought us biscotti last time and it was great!
We even bought Ram's new car through the Costco buying program-excellent prices and he got a car with only 6 miles on it.
Ram had to go visit someone in the Twin Cities the week before we went to WI. He was able to go do all the major shopping at Costco and had no problem fitting it in the car when we weren't with him. Then on the way home from WI, we all went to Costco. It was a fun trip as we didn't have to buy the basics (TP, rice milk, etc.) and there was plenty of room for what we did buy. It was great to go to Costco twice in two weeks!
The Kolbs told us we had to try the ice cream bars at the snack bar at Costco. We let Lamb 1 and 2 have one each for their lunch. They were delicious. Next time I will have Lamb 1 and 2 split one because they are so huge-I should have known they were Costco size!
We can't buy much that is frozen or refrigerated at Costco because we have no way to get it home over the 4 hour drive.
The closest Costco to us is in the Twin Cities. The next closest is in Billings, MT. There just aren't Costcos in this part of the USA!
We think Costco is worth the membership even though we only get there a few times a year. Those of you that live closer to Costco than we do would be able to take advantage of Costco even more than we do. What products do you like from Costco?

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Dakotapam said...

We don't have a Costco, but we do have a Sams Club. It is right in town, which is such a treat for us. Their produce is the best...but what I LOVE is I can get a pound of brie for less than $7! And Sams Club is the only place I've found where I can get real Monterrey Sour Dough bread...not the soft squishy stuff sold in grocery store bakeries. Today I picked up a pound of blackberries for Andrew...he was thrilled!